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This website is solely for the purpose of displaying and documenting my project car and racing endeavors. My long term car project, and race car, is a Nissan 240SX Coupe. I originally started out with a 1993 240SX back in fall of 2003, but switched chassis to a 1992 240SX in spring of 2007. This is the current chassis, but I am soon to switch to the updated 1996 240SX. The motor has been the same Nissan SR20DET since spring of 2005. To me, the project is the same, even if I've switched chassis.

My total goal for my 240SX project is to make it competitive in road racing. For now, it is my general purpose race car. I currently drag race, drift and auto-x the car. I am also planning to attend the local North West hillclimb events. I do almost all the work on the car myself, although I have had help for things like machine work and bottom end assembly. I am not a certified mechanic, but I have been working on these cars for a long time, so I know my way around them.

I hope this site can be both educational and entertaining to those who share my passion for motorsports and modifying cars.

1992 240SX
Here I explain why I chose a 240SX as my project, as well as displaying the list of modifications.

Project Forum
Located in the Project Forum, you will find the updated build progress to not only my race car project, but other projects as well. You will also find Videos, Pictures, Reviews and other useful information.

Here you will find current sponsors that are affiliated with my project car. Also, contact information for potential sponsors can be found here.